Today is Valentine’s day


“If you ever are with a girl that’s too good for you, marry her – said Steve Jobs in Valentine’s Day. Well, not the real Steve jobs but the actor who played him in the movie about his life. I saw Ashton Kutcher first time in this movie, and ever since for me, that actor is Steve Jobs. 

I never understood why the long term lovers acted so surprised  when their girlfriends said yes to their proposal. Isn’t it predictable, after all? ….Well, turns out she changed her mind, she was not ready for this kind of commitment. Turns out is not a good idea to ask your girlfriend to marry you on Valentine. She might be surprised at first and say a yes then dump on you. 

And…everyone is romantic on Valentine’s Day?? Come on, what kind of crap line is that? Most men hate Valentine’s Day because they feel pressured to squeeze their full-of-football-and-other-sports brains to find new creative ways to demonstrate once again their love to girlfriends, fiancees or wives. And God guards them to repeat their love vows two or more years in row. Well, they actually do. And that sucks. 

What kind of flowers would you buy in order to be out of ordinary?!

I hate Valentine’s dinner – quite an interesting idea. I think I could use it for some other things I hate, right?

You can’t rush love – oh, really? cliche

Love can’t be planned.  another cliche. 

You don’t step into love, you fall in – CLICHE. 

When you love someone, you love all of them. That’s the job. You gotta love everything about them, not just the good things, but the bad things, too. The things you find lovable and the things that you don’t find lovable.

When you pick a Valentine, you must be sure that you pick the right person. Or else you could be overlooking someone who’s even more special to you. 

Things like that can turn from someone that you like into someone that you love. 

Somebody out there loves you. 

Hollywood romantic Cemetery? Lol. 

Rumi, 800 years ago: “All we really want is love’s confusing joy.” 

Best for the best!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I will always love you. 

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